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Emergency Rations: How One Young Tail Gunner Survived World War Two (Smashwords)
memoir by Rebecca Goodrich

PTSD and a father's love. Bob Goodrich flew 35 missions over Germany in the Second World War, and sought to transmit something of that vital experience to his children.

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Building Fires in the Snow: A Collection of Alaska LGBTQ Short Fiction and Poetry (University of Alaska Press)
edited by Martha Amore and Lucian Childs

This path-breaking book collects for the first time Alaska-themed LGBTQ short fiction and poetry and shatters stereotypes about the state to reveal a side of life little seen until now.

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Crossing at Sweet Grass (iUniverse)
historical romance by Laurie Robertson

Crossing at Sweet Grass is about survival and hope. Kallie, a young pioneer woman, travels on a journey of self discovery and heart wrenching events on the Oregon Trail.

Dead Men Do Come Back (Crime Wave Press)
novel by Steven C. Levi

A miner had been shot, frozen and dumped where the Marshal will find him – and what does the body have to do with the robbery of 250 pounds of gold?

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Barn Raisings, Cemetery Cleanings (Indigo Sea Press)
food history/cookbook by Ann Chandonnet

Descriptions of celebrations that no longer take place and involve community labor: nut cracks, bean stringings, threshing, apple parings, cabin raisings, muster day, rent parties. Includes diary entries and a calendar of culinary festivals. Over 150 recipes.

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Fast Into the Night: A Woman, Her Dogs, and Their Journey North on the Iditarod Trail (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
literary nonfiction by Debbie Clarke Moderow

A captivating memoir on one woman's attempt to complete Alaska's legendary race, the Iditarod, led by her team of huskies with whom she forms a fascinating and inextricable bond.

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Broken Angel (Alatna Works)
novel by Russell Heath

Broken Angels is fast-paced Alaskan noir filled with complex characters struggling to survive in a hostile country where there are no second chances.

Soul of My Soldier (Familius)
memoir by Abigail Calkin

This unique and timely memoir combines poetry and prose to reach deep into the recesses of war to pull out its raw truth, the heart of which civilians seldom fathom.

I Love You Best Little Moose (Publication Consultants)
children's literature by Rachael Sanger

Get swept away to the north with this emotional children's book as Little Moose opens his eyes for the first time to discover the world around him through the majesty of Alaska's unique animals, places, and scenes.

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Saloons, Prostitutes, and Temperance in Alaska Territory (University of Oklahoma Press)
nonfiction by Catherine Holder Spude

A case study of the inter-connection between the commercial sales of liquor, vice, and the women's temperance movement, from Skagway, Alaska.

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Murder on the Last Frontier (Kensington Publishing)
fiction by Cathy Pegau

Suffragette and journalist Charlotte Brody travels to Alaska Territory to start over. The brutal murder of a "sporting" woman shows her just how dangerous the Last Frontier can be. 

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Rough Waters: Our North Pacific Small Fishermen's Battle -- A Fishing Family's Perspective (Far Eastern Press)
nonfiction by Nancy Medenhall

An insider's look at the massive threats facing West Coast small-boat fishermen. Includes stories, photos, in-depth interviews with those most affected, and analysis from biologists and social researchers.  

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Stubborn Gal: The True Story of an Undefeated Sled Dog Racer (University of Alaska Press)
children's literarture by Dan O'Neill and Klara Maisch, illustrator.

Discouraged from entering a 60-mile dog race, inexperienced Sarah stubbornly signs up.  Two practice runs end in total disaster.  Day three, she enters the race, and the results surprise everyone.  

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Convergence Point(HarperCollins/ Harper Voyager)
novel by Liana Brooks

Agent Samantha Rose has already died once…and knows the exact date she’ll die again. Having taken down a terrorist organization bent on traveling through time to overthrow the government, Sam figured she was done dealing with the unbelievable.

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The Day Before (HarperCollins/ Harper Voyager)
novel by Liana Brooks

Agent Samantha Rose has been exiled to a backwater assignment for the Commonwealth Bureau of Investigation, a death knell for her career. But then Sam catches a break—a murder—that could give her the boost she needs to get her life back on track.

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Gold Nuggets (Prism Book Group)
young adult romance by Lynn Lovegreen

In the shadow of Denali, she has a home, and he finds adventure. Charlotte Cooper wants to stay near her parents' home in Alaska. But her dreams of being a writer call her away to college or work, and she has to choose her own path in life. 

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Surviving Bear Island (Move Books)
middle-grades fiction by Paul Greci

A boy stranded on an island in Prince William Sound after a kayak accident.

“Bear Island is a challenging environment to survive but a terrific thrill on the page.” ~Kirkus Reviews




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