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Amber Leggette-Aldrich

Where: Palmer
Genre(s): journalism, essays, inspirational
Job(s): homeschooler, independent author


Favorite Places in Alaska: Hatcher Pass or Denali

Bio: As an artist, Amber has enjoyed sharing her unique creativity and working with others to bring more beauty into the world. A desire for adventure and love of nature brought her to Alaska in 1989. Her most challenging and rewarding role however, has been that of being a mother. Her mission in life is to bring a message of hope...that we are not alone in our struggles, God is always with us. Her 1st book, Faith, Hope & Miracles (a true story) has received 5 star reviews on Amazon. Com She is currently working on her 2nd book now.


  • Faith, Hope, and Miracles (memoir), CreateSpace, 2012

Work Online:

Please contact me for editorial services and manuscript consultation.
I work with any audience.
Special Interests:
I have a particular interest in Chrisitan writers and independent authors..

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Listing last updated: August, 2012

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