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Lee Goodman

Where: Anchorage
Genre(s): fiction, literary nonfiction, and essays
Job(s): writer, fisherman, lawyer

Email: leegoodman (at)

Favorite Places in Alaska: Fairbanks, Prince William Sound, and the great rivers of the interior.

Bio: I've taught fiction writing at UAA and at the Interlochen Academy for the Arts. My Short story "A Girl Like Summer," was nominated for the Pushcart prize in fiction. I've also had work in Orion Magazine. I fish salmon commercially in Prince William Sound, and I have a small law practice in workers' compensation.


  • Indefensible (fiction), Simon & Schuster, 2014

Work Online:

Please contact me for readings, workshops, classes and lectures.
I work with any audience.
Special Interests:
I have a particular interest in memoir groups, elders and youth.

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Listing last updated: March, 2014

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